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Premier Community Awards 2017

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On May 3, 2017, the following communities were recognized for going above and beyond in making Henderson premier:
PCA 2017 - Carriage Lane
Carriage Lane HOA improved safety while maintaining the community's aesthetics by installing upgraded lighting, landscaping, street lights, and street signs.
2017 PCA - Coventry

The Coventry Homes board works together to make their neighborhood a desirable place to live by hosting community events throughout the year and keeping their residents involved in social media.

2017 PCA - Homestretch
In an effort to increase communication between neighbors, Homestretch HOA began to use the Nextdoor program. This resource has allowed residents to know what's going on in their neighborhood by connecting through a social network.
2017 PCA - La Mancha
Throughout the year, La Mancha Estates held four community gathering. In addition, they have reactivated participating in their Neighborhood Watch Groups and take part in various social clubs.
2017 PCA - Mountainside
Mountainside HOA reaches out to their residents by providing them with news through quarterly meetings with guest speakers, electronic newsletters, and the Nextdoor program. The community also sponsors a Yard of the Year Program.
2017 PCA - Newport Cove
The Newport Cove Condominium Unit-Owners Association replaced and painted roadways throughout the entire community.
2017 PCA - Seven Hills
Over the last two years, the Seven Hills Master Board of Directors has built community spirit by holding various social events.
2017 PCA - Sunridge
Prior to the municipal election, Sunridge at MacDonald Ranch invited city council and mayoral candidates to meet and interact with residents at their inaugural town meeting.